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Associated Press – July 20, 2023 Judge: West Virginia can’t require incarcerated atheist to participate in religious programming | AP News

The Register Herald – April 29, 2020  Governor’s lawyer: why “single out” jail population for Covid-19 testing?

ProPublica – April 28, 2020  One thing the pandemic hasn’t stopped: aggressive medical debt collection

The Dominion Post – April 21, 2020  Gov., state asked to not take stimulus funds for overdraft fees

Times WV – April 20, 2020  Hospitals in West Virginia are seizing bank accounts, garnishing wages over unpaid debt during ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The Charleston Gazette Mail – April 10, 2020  Don’t fall for scare tactics on COVID-19 and inmates (Opinion).

WV Public – April 9, 2020  State’s Policy for Handling COVID-19 Concerns In Jails, Prisons Remains Confidential

The Register Herald – April 6, 2020  Federal judge rejects effort to reduce jail population, lower risk of COVID-19

The Charleston Gazette Mail – October 19, 2019    Huntington woman alleges Matilda Jane violates labor laws

The Charleston Gazette Mail – July 17, 2019   Judge hears arguments in RISE lawsuit over FOIA request

The Register Herald – April 26, 2018  Victim, advocates speak at sexual assault and harassment awareness event

The Register Herald – January 8, 2018    Mountain State Justice open new Beckley Office

The Register Herald – March 10, 2018   Judge allows class action suit in WARN case

WV living – January 3, 2018  Speaking for the Homeless.

The Charleston Gazette-Mail 12/13/2017 UN expert hears about WV’s response to poverty

The Charleston Gazette-Mail 5/18/2016 State school board, SBA sued over Fayette schools

The Register Herald 5/4/2016 Federal Judge certifies class action for laid-off miners

The Nation 4/28/2016 Prisons are Using Military-Grade Tear Gas to Punish People

Mountaineer News Service 4/25/2016 How West Virginia’s Criminal Justice System Failed Je’Ron Hawkins

The Charleston Gazette-Mail 4/24/2016 DHHR says 1,566 will lose food stamp benefits next month

The Charleston Gazette-Mail 4/8/2016 Nonprofit gives intent to sue WVBE, SBA over Fayette schools

The Charleston Gazette-Mail 3/12/2016 Waiver cuts hurt families, judge told

The Charleston Gazette-Mail 3/1/2016 WV House bill weakens mine safety, but is touted as a compromise

WCHS 2/18/2016 Cruel and unusual punishment investigated inside W.Va. regional jails; state responds

WV Metro News 1/20/2016 Residents lash out at Charleston mayor for dismantle of Tent City

The Register Herald 11/10/2015 SBA reconsiders, approves Fayette amendment

WAJR 10/20/15 Fayette County files lawsuit against SBA

The Charleston Gazette-Mail 10/7/15 Supreme Court upholds judge’s orders in psych case

Lexington Herald Leader 9/18/15 Federal mine safety chief opens rescue center in Kentucky

The Charleston Gazette-Mail 7/10/15 Disabled WV plaintiffs file against DHHR over care aid

The Charleston Gazette-Mail 2/12/15 Coal lobby bill removes longstanding safety protections

The Exponent Telegram 5/16/14 Parties to meet today to iron out staffing problems at hospitals

The Register Herald 5/15/14 New MSHA rule allows for periodic lung checks

WV Gazette 4/29/14 Judge orders DHHR to fix psych hospitals

WV Gazette 2/7/14 Lawsuit targets DEP, DHHR over Crude MCHM

Charleston Daily Mail 1/22/14 Judge: Lawsuit improved state juvenile system

WV Gazette 1/9/14 Facing suit, state board works on ‘proximity detection’ rule

WV Gazette 12/20/13 Lawsuit targets W.Va. inaction on mine safety

WV Gazette 10/8/13 UMW, Rockefeller concerned about shutdown’s impact on mine safety

WV Public Broadcasting 10/7/13 Could Federal Shutdown Set Back Mine Safety Progress?

Huffington Post 9/11/13 Executives From Biggest Subprime Lenders Are Peddling Risky Mortgages Again

The Herald Dispatch 8/11/13 Plan aims to revamp juvenile justice system

WV Gazette 3/15/13 Kids are out, at Salem prison

Daily Mail 12/27/12 DHHR faces thousands in contempt of court fines

WV Sunday Gazette 12/21/12 W.Va. judge: Fix Salem youth prison — or close it

Daily Mail 11/29/12 Judge orders transfer of boys from Salem juvenile home

WV Gazette 11/27/12 Salem juvenile facility might be shut down

WV Gazette 11/21/12 Supreme Court asked to void Marple’s firing

Daily Mail 9/18/12 Juvenile Services changes protocol for corrections facilities

WV Gazette 8/20/12 Small banks say regulations are hurting industry

State Journal 8/20/12 Dodd-Frank helps protect against predatory lending, attorney says

Daily Mail 5/13/12 W.Va. looking to expand Medicaid managed care

WV Gazette  5/12/12 1982 Recht decision: State still rumbles from aftershocks of reform ruling

Daily Mail 4/26/12 State youth corrections facility faces lawsuit

WV Gazette 4/26/12 State ends solitary confinement for juveniles

NJ Today 1/6/12 Woman Says GE-Owned Subprime Lender Deceived, Defrauded Her

The Herald Mail 7/20/10 Rockefeller speaks at foreclosure discussion

The Journal 7/20/10 Sen. Rockefeller hears foreclosure stories

News and Sentinel 5/28/10 Mountain State to pay restitution

WV Gazette 10/2/09 DHHR faulted over mental health program

WV Gazette 10/25/09 DHHR must continue to follow judge’s orders in mental-health case

WV Gazette 8/9/09 Judge orders DHHR to review mental health services

Yahoo News 8/5/09 Government Mortgage Partners Sued for Abuses

WV Gazette 3/1/09 ‘Seriously delinquent’ mortgages soar in West Virginia

WV Gazette 2/26/09 West Virginia woman to testify before Jay’s panel: Focus will be foreclosure rescue scams

WV Public Broadcasting 2/26/09 Predatory lending victim speaks to Congress

WV Gazette 12/28/08 Borrowers to get holiday bonus; National City Mortgage will pay legal penalty

Kaiser Network 12/18/08 Medicaid: West Virginia Medicaid Program Sued for Reducing Benefits for 90% of Children Enrolled

NPR 10/7/08 Foreclosures Hit Rural America, But Quietly

WV Gazette 11/11/07 Mortgage Bill May Keep States from Fighting Predators

WV Sunday Gazette 11/11/07 Bank agrees to pay off widow’s subprime loan

WV Gazette 11/4/07 ‘My employer is trying to make me homeless’; Fixed-rate subprime mortgages can lead to surprises too

The State Journal 10/4/07 Slower to Build

WV Gazette 9/30/07 Recipe for foreclosure: Fraudulent mortgages devastate home-loving West Virginians and fuel national subprime crisis

WV Gazette 9/30/07 Their stories: ‘I just have to trust in the Lord’

WV Gazette 9/30/07 Their stories: Fayette widow: ‘I got tricked’

WTRF 5/12/05 Protect Yourself from Predatory Lenders