Fraud and Other Consumer Issues

"A pool sales company lied to us and took a lien against our home without us knowing. Before we found Mountain State Justice we couldn’t defend ourselves--we were scared and stressed and didn’t know what to do. Now, with Mountain State Justice’s help, we feel safe and we know we won’t lose our home. I thank God that Mountain State Justice is there to provide lawyers to help people like us." — Rosemary Lamb, Man, WV
We fight to protect consumer rights, including representing victims of defective vehicle sales, inaccurate credit reports, and unfair student loans.

Auto Fraud & Predatory Financing

We represent victims of automobile fraud in litigation regarding odometer tampering, breach of warranty, unlawful repossession, and exploitive and predatory car sales and financing. Car dealers may rollback the odometer, make a false statement on the car’s title, hide a defect, or attempt to make repairs and/or replacements on the car without success time and time again. Auto lenders may also engage in wrongful or unlawful repossessions, where improper paperwork, incorrect payment credits, or other errors resulted in the repossession of a consumers’ car, truck, or mobile home.

Credit Repair

We represent consumers who are struggling to correct harmful inaccuracies in their credit reports through actions under the Fair Credit Reporting Act and state law. Because credit information is collected through many different sources, errors may show on a consumer’s credit report. Such errors may affect your ability to secure a job or obtain a loan. It may impact your credit rating, which means that you will pay a higher interest rate for a loan. We can help you dispute your credit reports and work to correct any errors.

Other Consumer Fraud

We help West Virginians who are victims of consumer fraud and predatory financing arrangements, including exploitative home improvement schemes and consumer credit sales from dentures to sewing machines to swimming pools.  If you ended up with a product that was defective or you did not want, or a financing arrangement that you didn’t bargain for, we can help.