"It’s clear that we are filling an urgent, unmet need. We’ve already hit the ground running with assisting a client who was brought to this country as a child, and are meeting with numerous others who have important and urgent immigration questions and concerns." — Katy Lewis, MSJ’s new Immigration Attorney.
We fight to keep West Virginia families together and protect immigrants from deportation. We provide West Virginia immigrants with in-depth immigration legal consultations and represent immigrants in their humanitarian-based and family-based immigration cases.

We provide free, confidential, in-depth legal consultations for people living in West Virginia who have questions about their options or the rights of their loved ones under immigration law. These consultations help people understand their immigration status and legal options available in a complicated area of law that is constantly changing.

We represent individuals in immigration-related cases, including family-based immigrant visas, asylum, citizenship and naturalization applications, humanitarian-based visas such as U and T visas and petitions under the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), removal defense, appeals, advice on the immigration consequences of crimes, and investigations.

If you have questions about your immigration status or legal options, please call our office at 304.344.3144 to complete an intake and if appropriate, schedule a consultation.