Health Care Reform

"I could never begin to repay Mountain State Justice for everything that it helped me with. I was waiting for my health benefits and waiting on my SSI, and during this process, a foreclosure was also scheduled on my home. I lost all hope, but I found Mountain State Justice, and it fought for my health benefits and my home and restored my faith in the American system." — Dwight Canfield, Martinsburg, WV
We fight for access to healthcare for all.  We seek to ensure that every West Virginian receives the medical and mental health services that he or she needs.  We represent low-income health care consumers who are not receiving services in accordance with the law.

Our work has ensured that people with mental illness or physical disabilities can access necessary services in the community, rather than institutions, and have addressed the state’s failure to provide necessary services under Medicaid.  For instance, the Benjamin H. case resulted in a meaningful expansion of Medicaid funding for in-home services for West Virginians suffering from intellectual and developmental disabilities.  Through our work in E.H. v. Matin, West Virginia began funding in-home care specifically for low-income victims of traumatic brain injury.

We also seek to ensure that the public health, especially of low income communities, is meaningfully protected, such as through litigation filed in the wake of the 2009 chemical spill that contaminated the water supply for 300,000 West Virginians.