Policy Advocacy

"I have spoken to the West Virginia House and Senate about coal miners' safety, and my testimony helped to secure important improvements in a major mine safety bill. I'm proud to work alongside Mountain State Justice at the legislature, for it is a sad day in our present-day history that companies are putting production and profit in front of safety. I will continue to speak out, whether I'm alone or I've got 10,000 people behind me." — David "Action" Jackson, President, United Mine Workers of America Local 1713, Pineville, WV
We fight for fair laws. We pursue just and reasonable legislation and policies on behalf of low-income West Virginians in the West Virginia state legislature, the United States Congress, regulatory agencies, and before the courts.

We employ a legislative advocate to represent the interests of our client base during the West Virginia legislative session.  We and our clients have also provided testimony to the House Subcommittee on Housing and Community Development on predatory lending issues.  We work with national coalitions, including the National Association of Consumer Advocates and the National Consumer Law Center, to advocate for necessary legislative reforms to protect low-income West Virginians.  To protect our clients’ interests, we also file amicus briefs in cases of particular significance.