Abusive Debt Collection

"After I learned that I was being sued by a debt collector, I stayed up all night long researching, since I knew I hadn’t done anything wrong but didn’t know what to do about it. After I spoke with an attorney from Mountain State Justice, I was able to sleep again. My lawyer eased my mind from that very first conversation. Now my lawsuit is resolved and I don’t have to worry anymore." — Heather Mason, Morgantown, WV
We fight for consumers who have been subjected to abusive and harassing debt collection practices, illegal servicing tactics, or been served with an unjust lawsuit.

We represent the victims of abusive and illegal debt collection techniques who are served with unjust lawsuits or threatened with contract termination, repossession, or wage garnishment. Debt collectors unfairly pressure consumers into paying debts, and they use intimidating tactics to secure payment of a debt that may not be valid because it has been discharged in bankruptcy or litigation or it is time-barred. Debt collectors are often unfamiliar with the original debt–including the amount of the initial debt, payments made, the amount of late fees, or the accrued interest–yet they engage in illegal communication tactics, false statements, or unlawful charges to get money that is not rightfully theirs.

We remedy these violations through class action litigation and individual lawsuits under state and federal law, and we defend consumers who are the victims of an unjust lawsuit lodged against them by a debt collector.